Breaking News! Every Thing 10% off On FCT Today

Breaking News! Every Thing 10% off On FCT Today

Merry Christmas to my readers! This time, I got the breaking new: Every Thing 10% off On FCT Today. It is amazing! Let’s see some details.

10% off On FCT

Flash Code from Christmas Eve Till Christmas Day Every thing 10% off On FCT

Coupon Code: fct20151225

How to use Coupon? Please Read Here

Merry Christmas!! Best wishes for all of our readersrty right now.
A new period is coming!

From Dec 15-31 we opened shopping month for 2015!
Over 5000+ products we had setted lowest price than all website
We also ready a super Extra discount Coupon for all FCT fans.

It is not over ! Also 2 times Christmas Thanksgiving Day!
Dec 17-18, Dec 22-25 more discount than other days

Now the good time to choose gifts for your friends/ lover, and Fastcardtech also holds a lot of activities for you like always!

It is not over again! Please use 2 mins read follow all information get out more discount and free gifts!

  1. Festival Website Goods Discount.
Time Tablets Phones Digi life
Discount Super Discount Day
(Dec 17-18)(Dec 22-25)
7% 8% 10%
Code xmasextabletpcsale xmasexphonesale xmasexdigisale
Discount Normal Day 4% 5% 6%
Code fctxmastou fcthappyxmas fctxmas2u



  1. Festival Coupon Code To Reduce The Price.
Time Over 100usd Over 200usd Over 300usd Over 400usd Over 500usd Over 1000usd
Discount Super Discount Day(Dec 17-18)(Dec 22-25) Save 5usd Save 12usd Save 21usd Save 30usd Save 40usd Save 100usd
Code 999100 999200 999300 999400 999500 991000
Discount Normal Day Save 4usd Save 10usd Save 18usd Save 35usd Save 40usd Save 80usd
Code 151210 151220 151230 151240 151250 151280



  1. Upgrade Valued Plan:

Order over 500usd, pay extra 50usd you will get one more Phone or Tablet

Please contact get list.
10% off On FCT


  1. Lucky Order Number Activity

On the date of 12.12, 12.24, 12.25when you place an order

if the last 2 numbers are 12, you will get a 3usd coupon code as a reward;
if the last 3 order numbers are 212, you will get an 8usd coupon code as a reward;
if the last 4 order numbers are 1212, you will get a 15usd coupon code as a reward.

(We will send all reward to your FCT account you can use in next order)

Good Luck everybody.

*The payment must be finished to join this activity. Please directly contact our Online Support to get the reward when you finish the payment if you have the lucky number. If exchange/ refund happenes on your lucky order, the reward will be ineffective.



  1. Share Us to your friends and Create “Your Christmas Day”

Please join our Facebook Club: Fastcardtech Fans Club(Search in Facebook)

Share us your Last Year Christmas Day Photos or your Preparing For Christmas Day Photos. All people who join this activity will get 5usd bonus as a reward directly, and the one who get likes over 50 will get 10usd bonus as a reward!

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