Apple watch is fake? China Verision Apple Watch on Sale!!

china apple watch

Apple Company has just released the apple watch, but the china version of Apple Watch has been on sale for a long time. We believe that Apple products seem to have a big change overnight from the original, but the clones always took the first step. – Han also not talk beg you to take my money, it becomes a little sober now.

Today, the British Daily Mail also reported the release of apple watch, but also mentions the word China, curiosity trouble, I take a look and be shaked….

That article about Apple just released apple watch, but one place in China has been sold, the original price of a few hundred dollars , in this place China sell tens of dollars …

The place where the world’s first published called shenzhen huaqiangbei

Shenzhen? huaqiangbei ..? hua qiang bei Huaqiang North? ?
I am delighted me great Huaqiang North! ! !

Yes, which also mentions the “shanzhai” … it seems the word following the “Dama” and “Tuhao” After two hot words into the Oxford dictionary, there is hope that the …

Also cut a few pictures. . .

After reading the article, With disturbed feelings, shame brain shot hole, pulled the British Internet users comments below ….

Just when I thought that we would be criticized …. cottage style changed again …

It is really funy and maybe cook need read it


“Hi guy I can sure made in same country”

“On page this watch told can use 12days……….”

“Bxxh Apple? come on man”

“I guess same:)”

“$40usd “apple watch clone” is expensive?”

“Cook will poor and can not make new boy friend:)”

We all know china is funny country also they have thousands watch phone models

So “china apple watch” is nothing superised for us maybe.

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