B- Unstoppable- You Never Thinked Tank Hybrid Machine

B-Unstoppable find

B- Unstoppable- Look At A New Find!

A British hardware developers brain hole is big, the tanks and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) elements together, created a B- Unstoppable, a caterpillar unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), or a tank with rotor. B – Unstoppable machine weighs only 84 grams, using a remote control, can take off action within a few seconds, but probably is too light, it “run” on irregular terrain is gone with the wind.
B-Unstoppable find

B- Unstoppable- Detail Introduce:

B- Unstoppable is equipped with four propeller, is used to generate lift, moreover also is equipped with two caterpillar crawler, allow it to deal with all kinds of terrain. B – Unstoppable is easy to manipulate, simply click on the button on the remote control can be in the tank and four rotor aircraft to switch between. When driving on the ground, each crawler controlled by a single channel, let the user get the experience of manipulation of the tanks. Crawler tension state by “arm” to keep, scalable 0.08 to 0.16 inches (about 2 to 4 mm). B – Unstoppable with 6 shaft gyro flight controllers, help maintain stability of the fuselage during flight.
B-Unstoppable find 1
B-Unstoppable find 2
The other is the most rare, the price of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) incredibly still can aerial, and FPV (first-person perspective) function, support 720 p @ 30 FPS video shooting, but the need to choose and buy other microSD card to store the video. The fuselage on the battery capacity is 900 mah, can support 9 minutes flight or 12 to 18 minutes of driving on the ground.
B-Unstoppable find 3

PD-100 Black Hornet- The Price:

Now the flying small tanks on Kickstarter funding, a minimum of 55 pounds can gain a, start shipment in October this year. Do you think it is very interesting and useful? This kind of things is a new improvement for our live. And one day, our live will be more and more convenient whih this kin of high-tech. If you want to know more information, you can go to here:Fastcardtech.com because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!

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