Christmas And Dual 11, Where Can You Buy Cheap Phone?

Where Can You Buy Cheap Phone

Christmas And Dual 11 are coming, many people look forward to these days. There are many activities on the website, where you can buy cheap phone? I will share a good online store with you.

This time, I will introduce a wonderful online store:, this online store is very hot. It provides many brands in the world, this website is very good. because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!

Cut the cackle! let’s see the activities to celebrate this festival.

Buy Cheap Phone

1. Release a lot of Coupon Code to reduce the price from 4th-11th, NOV.

Kind Order over 100usdwill -2usd Order over 200usdwill -5usd Order over 300usdwill -10usd Order over 400usdwill -12usd Order over 500usdwill -15usd
Save 2usd 5usd 10usd 12usd 15usd
Code 151100 151200 151300 151400 151500

2. From November 4 to 10, Whole website 5% off discount coupon: fctd11sale

(Good Luck to be 8% off when you verify the coupon code “2% chance”)

Buy Cheap Phone 1

3. November 11 “Kill boss day”, whole website 8% off discount coupon: amazingfct

(Good Luck to be up to 11% off when you verify the coupon code “2% chance”)

PS: We promise our boss’s wife will beat him in that day due to lost money

4. Lucky Order Number Game

On the date of 11.11, when you place an order

if the last 2 numbers are 11, you will get a 3usd coupon code as a reward;
if the last 3 order numbers are 111, you will get an 8usd coupon code as a reward;
if the last 4 order numbers are 1111, you will get a 15usd coupon code as a reward;
if the last 5 order numbers are 11111, you will get 30% discount of the item price as a reward.

(We will send all reward to your FCT account you can use in next order)

That’s all my introduction. Are you wating for? Just buy the phone you like now. Remember this website: here. I promise it has given the cheapest price.

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