How to Change iPhone Battery By Yourself


How to Change iPhone Battery By Yourself

iPhone battery is non-detachable, while we all like long standby and replaceable battery. The creativity of netizens is boundless, and recently there is a netizen change iPhone6 battery himself.


No.1 Please prepare these tools before we start.


No.2 After turn off your iPhone6, please using the corresponding screwdriver to remove the two screws at the bottom.


No.3 Because iPhone6 adopted integrated design, the screen is embedded, so you need to use the sucker, suck up the screen and when there is a gap then you can use pry pry out the screen, starting from the Home button pry up bit by bit around the screen.


No.4 Screen part is still connected with the body at this moment, it can be upright 90degrees, don’t exceed this Angle is alright.


No.5 Find and unscrewed the screw which connected the screen and back cover. Remove the screen is a good idea when you remove the battery. The battery is fixed with the glue, so it may be very time-consuming when remove it. Unscrewed the screw on the cover, then take down the protective cover.


No.6 Open the connector of the screen. There are several connectors between the screen and the body, you can use the small plectrum or thin nail file pick them out from the port.


No.7 Remove the battery connector protection cover.Battery connector protection cover by two screws, screw them down, and then put the metal protection cover is removed.


No.8 Open the battery connector.Between the battery and circuit board connector is only one, you can pick it out with small plectrum or thin nail file to open.


No.9 Heat back cover with hair dryer, blow soft the glue.The iPhone 6 uses a large amount of glue to fix battery, you need to soften the glue to take down the battery. Don’t use too high temperature heating tool.


No.10 Use a credit card or plastic piece slowly pry the battery bit by bit from the bottom of the battery. Keep away from connector parts at the top, because there is another connector under it.In addition, don’t take phone parts as the fulcrum to pry the battery. As far as possible let glue adhesion on casing, so that it can be reused later.


No.11 Fit on the new battery, and fold the connector.If no too much glue left, the you can use the ultra-thin double-sided adhesive to fixed the new battery. Connectors can be back to the slot with only a little force, but alignment position might be a little tedious, need to spend some time. The original battery connector is folded down, so now you need to put it back in place. As the shows, you can use the small plectrum file or thin metal to press it down.


No.12 Connect the screen connector once again, then the protection cover. Attach the connector in reverse order, begin from the connector at the top of the body, then reinstall the metal protection cover.


No.13 Close the case, install screws.
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