E-Kaia- Insert Soil Can Also Charge? !

E-Kaia find

E-Kaia- A Big Find!

The weekend afternoon, do you like to sit on the balcony to drink the afternoon tea in the sun, but this time mobile phone has no electricity. Not willing to abandon the sunshine beauty, want to charge again, how to do? Secretly tell you, the sun on the flowers for help, but they can power!
E-Kaia find

Chile’s research team developed a USB charging equipment E – Kaia, as long as find health or potted plants, the prototype equipment will be inserted in the soil, can use biological loop (biocircuit) technology for charging your phone or tablet.

E-Kaia find 1

E-Kaia- Design:

Chile has three engineers developed the new “E – Kaia” charging equipment. The principle of the device is to biological circuit board (biocircuit board) into the pot, the remaining energy in the process of absorption of plant photosynthesis and converted into electrical energy, but in the case of do not harm plants, using circuit technology will power carrying out from the soil, the output voltage is 5 v, current 600 ma.
E-Kaia find 2

E-Kaia- Battery:

Research and development team, said the charging device can be available in 1.5 hours for smart phone charge electricity, in addition to this, including LED lights, fan, sound and so on low power products are also available USB connectors for charging.

E-Kaia find 3

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