General Android Flash Tutorials

General Android Flash

Tools/raw material
Using an android mobile and demand has brush into the Recovery
A computer
Original data line one


General Android Flash

1.To flash through Recovery mode, the first condition is the mobile phone has been successfully brush into the Recovery

2.Download available ROM file

3.Reboot into Recovery mode (Recovery mode), cell phone into different methods may be different, some mobile phones can directly in the shut down menu select “Recovery mode” to enter Recovery mode.

4.Go to recovery mode after the first execution “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Wipe cache partiton”, before the system configuration, the cache to clear. In this interface is moved up and down through the volume button, the power button for sure

5.And then move the cursor to “Install Zip form sdcard” item, press the power button to determine the choice, then select “Choose Zip from sdcard”, then press the power button to confirm, will enter the file selection screen.

6.In the file selection interface, through the volume button to find and select deposit to the root directory of the ROM file, then press the power button to confirm.

7.Choose good ROM file will enter a confirm the installation interface, then through the volume button positioning to Yes, press the power button to enter flash.

8.Enter the flash process, probably needs to be done about 1 minute to flash, flash the time required to see ROM varies. Wait for the screen appears the Install complete, select “Reboot System Now” restart your mobile phone can complete the whole process of flash

  General Android Flash
General Android Flash

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