GoSun Solar Oven- No Electric Fire Can Do Dinner!

GoSun Solar Ovens 7

GoSun Solar Oven- No Electric Fire Can Do Dinner!

GoSun Solar Ovens 1

Look At A New Find- GoSun Solar Oven

Yes, the picture is not a satellite, is not rocket, more not space shuttle … This is a solar oven, the modelling is so domineering !
GoSun Solar Ovens 2

GoSun Solar Oven Detail Features

Natural disasters, water power, how to cook is a problem, then the advantages of alternative energy comes out.. GoSun working principle is very simple, through the solar cell phone board reflect the sun’s light onto the vacuum tube, the heat can only enter the glass tube, and can’t flee, glass tubes to collect heat to heat food on the tray. Due to the oven without adjusting can automatically track the trajectory of the sun, so the thermal efficiency is as high as 80-90%.
GoSun Solar Ovens 3

GoSun Solar Ovens 4
GoSun is a true no fuel, no electricity oven, weighs only 1.8 kg, under normal sunlight, the highest temperature can reach 288 ℃, the meal only need 20 minutes.
GoSun Solar Ovens 5

GoSun Solar Oven Design

GoSun oven basic components including a metal stents, an aluminum mirror solar collecting board, an adiabatic vacuum glass tube and a drawer-type tray. A few seconds to finish into assembly, can be baked, boiled, Fried cooking task, so long as there is the sun can cook.
GoSun Solar Ovens 6

GoSun Solar Ovens 7
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