Gun Strike Cracked Versions Publish

Gun Strike Cracked Versions Publish 1

Gun Strike Cracked Versions Publish

  • Version: v1.4.9
  • Size: 38.63M
  • Language: English
  • Download: 13117 times
  • Release: 2015-08-07
  • Categories: shooting
  • Apply to: Android 2.3.1 above
  • Download rates: free

The Game Description:

Players plays a battle-hardened mercenaries, Players uses a variety of firearms to fight the enemy, and use the money to buy a better equipment, the equipment is very rich. and the game has eight themes, a total of 80 small levels, and there are two independent small games.

The Game Features:
1. The changeable and funny role
– More than 20 kinds of roles module, a total of more than 30 kinds of different behavior performance effect.

2. The deep features and challenging scenarios levels
– Eight themes a total of 80 small levels, and we need to design route.
– survival mode and two games to test the players’ reaction.

3. The real light and sound effects
– all kinds of realistic physical dynamic effects, such as throughout, kill, explosion, falling death, etc.
– A variety of particle effects match rhythm of background music and sound effects, it creates a fierce atmosphere.

4. Various weapons and optimization of operation mode, it tests the player’s skill.

22 kinds of weapons, including:
Benelli M4
M249 SAW
Beretta ARX160
CheyTac M200
Barrett M82
Beretta M92F
Desert Eagle
Beretta M93R
Milkor MGL
M134 Minigun


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