HTC One Series Comparison- Which One Should We Choose?


We’ve heard a lot slogans of the most cost effective phone, but which one is the most, we can never tell. Today I’m gonna compare some special phones. Choose the most effective phone of your own.


Here is the comparison between HTC One, iHTC One E8 .

 HTC One vs. iHTC One E8
Manufacturer Model Screen/ Storage/Battery/Camera/Processor/Feature Price at FCT
HTC HTC One 4.7inch 1920*1080 piexl/2G+32G/2300mah/210+400MP/Snapdragon APQ8064T Quad Core 1.7GHz/Original, Expensive, NFC, OTG. $329.99
iHTC iHTC One E8 5.0inch 1184*720 pixel/1G+8G/2600mah/490+1260MP/MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz/Clone, Cheap, High Camera Resolution, Digital Compass, OTG. $165.00

As you can see from the above, the original HTC One is very expensive, altough the Ram is bigger than the clone HTC One E8, but there is no any big advantage than the iHTC One E8.  What’s more, the price is a big advantage of the second one, which is clearly in the form. Anyway, if you still a huge fan of the original, you can also choose the HTC.

iHTC-One -E8-1
iHTC-One -E8-2
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Touch One E8- MTK6582 Quad Core 5.0 HD IPS Screen Android 4.4 KitKat
Touch One E8- MTK6582 Quad Core 5.0 HD IPS Screen Android 4.4 KitKat
US$ 135.00

Click Here to see the details of iHTC One E8.

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