Huawei Glory Enjoy 6S : Glory Enjoy 6S configuration information

Huawei Glory Enjoy 6S : Glory Enjoy 6S configuration information

Huawei Glory Enjoy 6S

Recently,some people exposure to a glory enjoy series machine -Huawei glory enjoy 6s,then how about the configutration of glory enjoy 6s ?

Recently,many people broke the configuration information of glory enjoy 6s glory and renderings. According to the its renderer, Huawei glory enjoy 6s with gold, silver, pink several color to option ,and it still behind the fingerprint recognition.

Configuration, currentlty,glory enjoy 6s is considered to new huawei models which listed on the Ministry of Industry network – Huawei DIG-TL10 and DIG-AL00. Huawei 6s will take 5.0-inch ISP panel, equipped with snapdragon435 processor, 3GB running storage, 32GB body storage, and support for storage expansion.

It will be equipped with rear 13 million pixel camera, 5 million pixels front camera, support beauty and other functions. Huawei glory enjoy 6s support dual sim dual standby,and full Netcom. Battery is 3020 mAh.

Huawei glory 6g as the main upgrade version for huawei glory enjoy 6, the big change is the flash position of back has changed, and the processor configuration and the fuselage storage has improved, of course, the price will change.

Huawei glory enjoy 6s specific time to market has not been announced, Huawei also didn’t show relevant information, if you interested about it, please pay attention to the next official Huawei news.

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