Huawei Honor 6X Unboxing: Cheap Dual Cameras Phone!

Huawei Honor 6X Unboxing: Cheap Dual Cameras Phone!

In now mobile phone market, there are so many cheap phones. Daul camera technology, it has been the standard version of Huawei honor brand. This time, Huawei Honor 6X has been published. Today, I will tell Huawei Honor 6X unboxing, let’s see the appearance of this dual camera phone.


The package continues with the old product feature, blue and green youth design. It makes honor sery more vitality.


The front design of Huawei Honor 6X is good, 5.5 inch 1080p display, it uses GFF art, the display is satisfactory.

It is also bound to become the Honor of playing the most popular 6X users tell the point, but have to admit that, as an Android mobile phone system, follow the standardization of interactive design form to go, always the most secure approach.


The back of this phone, Honor 6X uphold the symmetrical design concept, dual cameras, fingerprint recognition area in the machine’s central axis, our hands gold version details of the treatment are also quite good.


As the use of Bezier curve surface design, also among all the honor phones, the most comfortable grip of the phone.

The biggest selling point of Huawei Honor 6X is camera design, Dual camera layout has changed Honor 8 & V8 flat design, using the outstanding structure, and innovative equipped with 12.0MP+2.0MP dual lens combination, 12 million pixel camera to record a more complete picture information, the other2-megapixel camera is used to calculate the depth of field information.


In summary, Huawei Honor 6X is a key step for Honor brand to use the dual cameras in cheap phone area, as for users, greatly reducing the experience of dual-camera mobile phone threshold. I also recommend a good online store to buy this phone: Fastcardtech, it is much cheaper than other websites.

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