Huawei P9 Price- Beautiful And High-End Phone!

Huawei P9 Price- Beautiful And High-End Phone!

On 6th April, Huawei will officially publish new ultra thin flagship- Huawei P9. A sery images leaked on the website, the back shell of this phone has appeared, dula camera, it will be smart. About Huawei P9 price, let’s see some details.

Huawei P9 Price 1

Today, Huawei P9 leaked the first Huawei P9 big image, the appearance looks very beautiful. Compare to old imagenc, it has a distance.

The back frame of Huawei P9 will use full metal frame design, the most attractive design is dual camera, at the same time, this phone will take dual flashlight, and laser focus module.

Otherwise, from this image we can see, Huawei P9 will use metal border, specular cutin feels dye-in-the-wood, at the same time, this phone will take back touch ID function.

Huawei P9 Price 2

Accoding to P9 old news, Huawei P9 is not only one phone, it is a family, it owns high-end version, standard version, youth version and Max version.

Huawei P9 will take 5.2 inch 1080p screen, standard version will use Kirin 950 processor and 3GB Ram and 32GB storage, and high-end version will be Kirin 950 processor and 4GB Ram and 64GB/128GB storage, it will run Android 6.0 system.

Otherwise, Huawei P9 Max version whole configurations are the same as P9 high-end version, screen will be 6.8 inch, 2K pixel.

Huawei P9 will be sale on 16th April, About Huawei P9 price, the price will be US$600 and US$650, Huawei P9 youth version will cost US$300. If you are interested in this phone, I also recommend a good online store: here. This website provides cheap and valued phones.

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