Inatrap Mosquito Killer Lamp- Inspiration Comes from the Celadon



Inatrap Mosquito Killer Lamb  Features and Specifications


Inatrap is an effective Trap Lamb: It can imitate the breath and temperature of a person and use the optical wavelength to trap a mosquito, and it looks pretty, just like decorations.


The contracted appearance and inspiration comes from the Celadon of Song dynasty, draw the outline of the fuselage with nature scenery in the irregular curve line, show modesty and really culture, become fashion with little product of the family.


It adopts the most scientific and security technology to trap the mosquitoes, achieve the most useful effect: the only trap machine in the world use the light, taste and temperature etc integrated technology to kill the mosquitoes. Which is currently the world’s most advanced and environment-friendly products.


This product can be placed in the following scenario: A. Clothes drying place at the balcony. B. Beside the bath lavatory or potted plants. C. Put at the place at least 75cm high. D. Community building parking lot. E. Place of business.

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Ultrathin Led Light name Card magic name card light
Ultrathin Led Light name Card magic name card light
US$ 1.99

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