Iphone Screen Magnifier- New Accessories for Iphone

As a movie fan, I think I should take it out and share with everyone else: screen magnifier customized for iPhone.

Iphone Screen Magnifier 1

No matter how big the phone’s screen is, it’s still small to see a movie, especially for movie fans. If it’s just to enlarge the screen? From this way of thinking, Tristan Dalay develops this Iphone Screen Magnifier, the operating principle is projected the phone screen onto the magnifier screen, very suitable for fans who just want to watch a movie at home.


Back home after a busy day, users do not need to open the computer or TV, but plays a big love movie with the Iphone equipped with the amplifier. Then just take the snacks, lying on the sofa, and enjoying the big screen visual feast!


Need to be aware of many items: such as the material needs certain hardness but also light cuz it’s too tired to hold a heavy magnifier; and how to ensure original visual experience after projected onto the magnifier screen.


From the point of rendering, the magnifier technology is not too complicated. If the visual experience can be ensure, then this product is quite competitive. Do you want one?

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