Kickstand Pump Utility Bicycle Brace Comes Out

Kickstand Pump 1

Kickstand Pump Utility Bicycle Brace Comes Out

Car support as a widget on the bike, could never cause your attention. In fact, a lot of cycling enthusiasts for bicycle weight loss and even get rid of it. But this is small thing, at the wheel, for more than the innovators in many practical function was developed.

Kickstand Pump 1

Small make up today to introduce you to a called Kickstand Pump utility vehicle, it will the car hold, Pump, tail lights and tire cleverly integrated into the tiny volume with a crowbar. No matter you are a cycling amateur or professional cyclists, it will definitely make you shine at the moment ~ first of all, the Kickstand Pump, of course, is the basic function of the car. But unlike traditional car support, it can be quick release, this is also the foundation of it is used to implement other functions.

Kickstand Pump 2

Second, as the Pump is Kickstand one of the important functions of Pump. Compared with conventional Pump, it is not only small in size and convenient to carry, or as a car, it did not carry), need to inflate, as long as the unload Kickstand Pump and pulled out the hose, connection can inflate.

Kickstand Pump 3

If you in the night or early morning ride, bicycle taillights is necessary to protect the safety and equipment. And with Kickstand Pump, you don’t have to add extra lighting equipment to the car. It installed at the bottom of a open, close, flash and slow flash four patterns of tail lights, when you ride a car brace is raised, in the rear of the car and the vehicle can clearly see the light, so as to guarantee your safety.

Kickstand Pump 4

For those who often haunted by in the suburbs or in the wild ride lovers, due to problems such as traffic or pneumatic blowout situation occurs frequently, and tire repair the first step will need to remove the outer cover. Kickstand Pump can be used as a the tire pry bar. The chart shows that the product is suitable for the 26 29 27.5 , these a few size wheel tires.

Kickstand Pump 6

Kickstand Pump as a multifunctional bicycle car support, also both tire inflator Pump, tail lights, and the function of the crowbar. Not only the function is all ready, also is concise and beautiful appearance, assembled on top of all kinds of bicycle will not appear abrupt.

Kickstand Pump 5

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