Kinsa- Intelligent Thermometer Take Away Illness


Kinsa- Intelligent Thermometer


A New Find

Kinsa company currently developing intelligent thermometer designed a model which has the function of induction – Kinsa (according to its “health weather”), it can be connected to the intelligent mobile phone to measure temperature, at the same time, Kinsa intelligent thermometer is a function of many excellent health tool. Kinsa intelligent thermometer is easy to use, when using, do not need battery, just put the plug can be used on smartphones.

Kinsa 1

Kinsa intelligence thermometer’s Function

Kinsa intelligence thermometer compare with traditional thermometer, electronic thermometer is not the same, compared with the traditional thermometer, Kinsa intelligent thermometer will not rely on the user experience to judge the disease situation, but the condition by means of scientific judgment. Kinsa intelligent thermometer with built-in temperature sensor, can through the 3.5 mm earphone interface connected to the smart phone transmission. Carry on the corresponding users through the use of smart phone apps, can real-time temperature analysis, accurate measure of the patient’s temperature, judging the patient’s fever symptoms.

Kinsa intelligence thermometer’s other function

In addition, Kinsa intelligent thermometer will according to the degree of fever, to the analysis of the data transfer to professional doctor, through the analysis of the doctors professional, give the user a reasonable treatment recommendations and solutions.


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