Meizu Mx5 Fully Review-We always break the rules


Meizu Mx5 Fully Review

Since the Meizu MX5 has been released yesterday ,we can see a big changing.Following the manufacturer’s information ,all these changed parts are based on the Meizu fans’ advice,in a seriouse word,this one is only an Advanced version of MX4.

Meizu Mx5 Fully Review

Meizu mx5 fully review-Unboxing appearance

Meizu Mx5 Fully Review

You can see that the package  has contained a phone ,a Micro USB 2.0 cable,a mquick charger,a manual and a SIM slot PIN.It’s still so sample like other MX items.
Meizu Mx5 Fully Review

In the Released conference, the Meizu CEO said that the MX5 is made with full of metal ,actually the top and the bottom part of the phone are made with plastic. A full metal phone will not get any signal due to the signal can not go through the metal(This is why you get less signal in the elevator). But it looks more beautiful than the iPhone 6, as the back cover is painted with the same color.

Meizu Mx5 Fully Review Meizu Mx5 Fully Review meizu mx5 Meizu Mx5 Fully Review Meizu Mx5 Fully Review Meizu Mx5 Fully Review Meizu Mx5 Fully Review

The phone has a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED 1080P Display ,which looks more colorful ,but saving more battery.I have to thank god that finally the meizu followed up the main fashion of the world,so from the picture you can see that the phone looks longer ,but not like a square,and so many apps can not be compatibled well.The home button applied the same technology like the Meizu M2 note ,it can support Mback(touch the home button ,you can back to the last page ,long hold the home button ,the phone back to the main menu) and Touch ID ,it’s the newest 2.0 recognise version,it can read your finger print easiler.Also due to the back cover is made with metal ,so you can hardly to leave a finger print on it, I believe that most of us would like to use a clean phone all the time.

Meizu mx5 fully review-Display

Meizu Mx5 Fully Review

Maybe you will like the 2K display more than the 1080P one ,but if you don’t double bigger the picture ,you will not see any difference.The above picture shows you the differnce about the 1080P display and the 2K display .The left one is the 1080P display ,the right one is the 2K display.Comparing with the 2K display ,the 1080P one will saving more battery and it’s hard to get hot,as you can see that the difference is not so big,so you will still insist to buy the phone with 2K display?And also the Super AMOLED display has one advantage ,it can show us a color which we like more ,but not a color looks like fade already.

Meizu Mx5 Fully Review 6645718_110-002_thumb 6645718_110-003_thumb 6645718_110-9_thumb

Meizu mx5 fully review-Antutu


From the test result,we can see that there is no doubt the MTK6795T processor is very powerful like the Snapdragon 805.

Meizu mx5 fully review-Using Temperature

Since the Snapdragon 810 was reported that it gets hot so easily,and everyone complain about it ,so how is the performance about the MTK processor ? The left one is  for the front  side,the right  one is for the back side.

Daily using after 5 minutes:


Record the video after 5 minutes:2

Playing video 5 minutes :


The not limit Antutu rank of 5 minutes:4

From all the test results of above ,we can see that the temperature is controled very well,I have to say that the MTK is the king in this area.If you don’t like hot phone ,the MTK items are the best choice.

Meizu mx5-Camera Performance

Day performance outside of the house:

6640696_p50630-110026_thumb 6640696_p50630-112415_thumb 201507010409129bf32_550

Day performance inside of the house:

20150701041212e89de_550 p50630-193326 p50630-193553

Night performance:

6640696_P50629-230049_thumb 20150701041401f0587_550p50630-200443

Macro performance:

Pictures proved everything.It can be compared with other over $500 famous brand items.

Meizu mx5 fully review-OS

x1 x2 x3

If you used the Meizu items ,you will know that this is a system that simple like the MIUI,and it’s optimized for single hand operating ,I can say that this is  the best single hand operating system.

Meizu mx5 fully review-Quick Charging Performance

Time 10Min 20Min 30Min 40Min 50Min 60Min 70Min 77Min
Battery level 30% 49% 67% 81% 92% 97% 99% 100%

It’s the same Speed like the Saumsung Galaxy S6

Meizu mx5 VS Meizu MX4

Due to the phone has the same released price like the MX4 ,so I do comparing with it .


Meizu mx5 fully review-Summary

As you see so much data from the above already,you can see that this is not a cheap garbage phone or a phone released without any effort. It’s really full of cost performance.

High lights:

Quick Charge,Touch ID,100% NTSC Super Amoled display,Good camera performance,Metal body.

For other famous brand such like the iphone or samsung or HTC, with this kind of hardware features ,it must be over $400. It’s really an item full of value.You can pre-order the Meizu MX5 now.

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