Meizu MX5 VS MX4– Two Phones You Cannot Miss

Meizu MX5 VS MX4– Two Phones You Cannot Miss

Meizu has get huge success on the market. its each product are all very popular. today, i would introduce two meizu phones to you. the two phones are Meizu Mx5 and Meizu Mx4. after the Meizu MX5 VS MX4, i hope you can like Meizu.

Meizu MX5 VS MX4 1

Meizu MX5 takes many new fuction, include add metal frame firstly, and add Fingerprint identification fuction. Next, Let us see the parameter’s table of Meizu MX5 VS MX4.

Meizu MX5
Meizu MX4
Images Meizu MX5 VS MX4 13 Meizu MX5 VS MX4 15
Screen 5.5 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen 5.36 inch FHD LTPS touchscreen
Processor Helio X10 MTK6795T 64Bit Octa Core 2.2GHz MTK6595 Dual Quad Core(A17 + A7) 2.2GHz
OS Flyme 4.5 OS(Based on Android 5.0 Lollipop) Flyme 4 OS(Based on Android 4.4 KitKat)
Camera 20.7MP rear camera + 5.0MP front camera, 0.2 seconds focus, support 4K. 20.7MP rear camera + 2.0MP front camera, 4 times digital zoom, 0..
Storage 16GB ROM(32GB/64GB is optional) 16GB ROM(32GB is optional)
Battery 3,150mAh 3,100mAh
Network 4G LTE 4G LTE
Add-ons Dual Nano Simcard, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Dual SIM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Price US$ 319.99 US$ 250.00

From parameter’s table compare we can see, Meizu MX5 owns bigger screen, equipped with more size cpu and ram, in addition, it’s add m- Charge fuction. Compare to MX4, we can see the advantage of the MX5 from the parameter; Meizu MX4 advantage is Dual 4G Sim and the cheap price. Next, we will compare with the appearance, function and performance.

Meizu MX5 VS MX4- The Comparision Of AppearanceMeizu MX5 VS MX4 2

About appearance, Meizu MX5 continues with MX4’s style. From the comparision of front, the difference is not big, the biggest difference is the Home key in the bottom. Meizu MX4 use traditional circle Home button, and a new generation of meizu MX4 replacement for oval Home button, and add metal ring mBack fingerprint recognition, visual effect is more outstanding.

On the back side, meizu MX5 MX4 appearance and style were similar, the main material is changed. Meizu MX4 USES is plastic shell, after spray paint and a new generation of meizu MX5 is metal aluminum material, texture and feel better.
Meizu MX5 VS MX4 3

Meizu MX5 VS MX4 4

Although Meizu MX5 catch one body design, the thickness thinner than MX4 17%. But Meizu MX5 back cover is not a single piece of metal, but adopts the design of three, including two paragraph actually still is plastic, the middle section is the metal material. Why such a design? Mainly take into account the full metal fuselage easily block cell phone signals, both ends up and down for plastic, can well solve the reserved signal spillway.

Appearance Comparision Conclusion

From the comparision of appearance, The metal frame makes Meizu MX5 up to a new level, and the new fuction of fingerprint recognition makes MX5 perfect.

Meizu MX5 VS MX4- The Comparision Of Performance

Meizu MX5 catches 2.2 Ghz mediatek MT6795 Turbo eight core processor, 3 gb of memory, in today’s smartphones is a high-end hardware specifications. Below, we through Ann rabbit rabbit run software, test the Meizu MX5 run case.
Meizu MX5 VS MX4 6

By Ann rabbit rabbit run separate software testing, meizu MX5 Ann rabbit rabbit run actual results achieved 48199 points, such as running point result operator, it is claimed that although there is no conference 53000 is so high, but it is belong to the top of the flagship machine run points level.

Generation on the Meizu MX4 carry 1.7 Ghz mediatek MT6595 eight core processor, 2 gb of memory, the machine is in 2014 the world’s highest Ann rabbit rabbit run points a mobile phone. Although the configuration in this year is not outstanding, but run is still good, here is the meizu MX4 Ann rabbit rabbit run screenshot.

Meizu MX5 VS MX4 7

Function Comparision Conclusion

Taken together, the meizu MX5 is stronger, after all MX5 performance is big enough to run any application, and before the meizu MX4, already has a large number of users complain about their games fever is too big.

Meizu MX5 VS MX4- The Comparision Of Special Functions

In terms of features, meizu MX5 victory MX4, not just on the metal body, also includes fingerprint recognition, rapid charging technology and so on, these are the meizu MX4 don’t have, in terms of features, meizu MX5 is very powerful.Meizu MX5 VS MX4 8


Meizu MX5 Home button to add the new mTouch 2.0 fingerprint identification technology, support the fingerprint unlock, fingerprint payment applications, fingerprint encryption, etc., to experience a more attractive.

Meizu MX5 VS MX4 9

Meizu MX5 also joined the quick charge function, it only takes 30 minutes, mobile phones can be from 0 to 50%, 90 minutes to fill; This is the meizu special customization of quick charge technology, so named mCharge.

Meizu MX5 VS MX4 10

Comparision Conclusion

A new generation of meizu MX5 fast charging, fingerprint identification, metal fuselage and other new features that grabs an eye, compared the meizu MX4 Home button the small circles, extremely narrow frame, removable back cover a lot of tall.


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