Meizu MX6 Release Date Leak, It Will Sell in April 2016

Meizu MX6 Release Date Leak, It Will Sell in April

Meizu is famous all over the world, Meizu MX6 will be the next Meizu phones, there are a little news about this phone. Recently, about Meizu MX6 release date has leaked on the website, let’s see some details.

Meizu MX6 Release Date 1

According to SRRB type approved list, one of Meizu model M681Q has passed radio emission model approval, and it supports full network function, it will be Meizu first netcom model.

Not long before, something announced that Meizu MX6 continues with Meizu MX5 design system, it adds ultra thin border, and waist round button becomes thinner. This time, Meizu MX6 uses metal border and double glass, and rear camera doesn’t show.

Meizu MX6 will use front fingerprint identification sensor, it will take 4GB Ram, 8.0MP front camera and 20.70MP rear camera, it will own 4000mAh big battery.

Meizu MX6 Release Date 2

Antutu has leaked some Meizu MX6 configurations in the Weibo not long before, Meizu MX6 will firstly take Helio X20 processor, with 1080p screen, it will own 3GB Ram and 32GB Rom, it will carry Android 6.0 system. However, some people think this phone maybe Meizu Pro 5 Mini. Because Meizu Pro 5 Mini will also take Helio X20 processor.

Meizu MX6 Release Date 3

According to old news, Meizu will publish new phones in April this year, if Meizu MX6 release in March this year, it will soon sell in April. If you want to learn more Meizu phones, I also recommend a good online store: here. This website provides cheap and valued phones. It will soon sell this good phone.

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