Meizu Phone : 2016 Meizu phone summary !

Meizu Phone : 2016 Meizu phone summary !

Meizu Phone

Although the overall scale is far less than Xiaomi, Huawei, but these two years, Meizu is more and more high-spirited, the product line is more and more sophisticated, from high-end to low-end gradually very close convergence, from PRO, to MX, to M.

PRO 6:

Top flagship, all-metal technology plus “across the board antenna.”

5.7 inch 2K screen (SA / gorilla four), Samsung Exynos 8890 eight-core processor, 4 / 6GB memory, UFS 3.0 storage, mTouch 3.1 fingerprint identification, Hi-Fi 3.0 sound quality, 3500mAh battery, 30W fast charge, NFC 3.0 Field communication.

Price, 32GB is about $402, 64GB is around $446, 128GB is $503. – This is differ from the rumors.

Meizu Phone

PRO 6 mini:

Small screen flagship, the process is completely same as PRO 6.

4.7 inch 1080p screen, Helio X25 eight-core processor, 4 / 6GB memory, eMMC 5.1 storage (MediaTek does not support UFS), 2800mAh battery, other is basically same to PRO 6.

Price, 32GB is about $474, 64GB is around $374, 128GB is $431, which is cheaper than the PRO 6.

Meizu Phone


All-metal technology, upper and lower dual antenna. 5.5-inch 1080p screen (no gorilla glass), Helio X20 eight-core processor, 4GB memory, mTouch 3.0 fingerprint identification, 3300mAh battery and 24W fast charge.

16GB is $258, 32GB is $287, 64GB is $330.

MX6 mini:

The screen reduced to 4.7 inches, the battery reduced to 2800mAh, but the other has been unchanged.

Meizu M2 metal:

All-metal die-casting process, but also the 5.5-inch 1080p screen, but the material changed to LCD LCD, Helio X20 eight-core processor is still, the memory down to 3GB, the battery back to 3200mAh, support 18W fast charge, no NFC.

Prices, respectively, $143, $172, $215.

Meizu M3 Note:

Carbonated polyester plastic body, 5.5 inch 1080p screen, Helio P10 processor, 2GB memory, no fingerprint recognition, 3200mAh battery but no fast charge.

16GB is about $114, 32GB is around $143.

Meizu m3:

The most low-end, 5-inch 720p screen, takes 2800mAh battery, $86, $114 respectively.

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