Nubia Z17mini VS Nubian M2 : Both Dual Rear Camera, 5.2 inch VS 5.5 ?

Nubia Z17mini VS Nubian M2

Nubia Z17mini VS Nubian M2 : Both Dual Rear Camera, 5.2 inch VS 5.5 ?

Nubia Z17mini and Nubian M2 parameters configuration comparision

              Nubia Z17 mini       Nubia M2
Screen   5.2 inches 1920×1080     5.5 inch 1920×1080
CUP Snapdragon 652/653 processor   Snapdragon 652 processor
RAM        4GB/6GB           4GB
ROM                        64GB/128GB
OS                        nubia UI 4
Network                         CNC
Camera                   Front 16MP + back 13MP
Battery       2950mAh        3630mAh
Color Champagne gold, black gold, hyun red  Champagne gold, black gold

Nubia Z17mini VS Nubian M2

1, the screen size is different

Nubian Z17mini is a 5.2-inch small screen design, with good one-hand operation characteristics, and Nubian M2 is nowadays mainstream 5.5-inch large-screen design.

2, different performance

Nubian Z17mini equips with a higher specification processor, while the high version of the memory storage is also larger, in terms of performance, compares to Nubian M2, Z17mini obviously has significant improved.

3, the price is different

On the price, Nubian Z17mini obviously have better performance and lower prices, compare to Nubian M2 cost-effective is clearly higher.

Nubia Z17mini VS Nubian M2

4, other differences

The other main details difference, such as design, life, color and so on.

These two Nubia new cameras both use a new camera body design, with rounded corners, the workmanship and feel both are super.

Nubian Z17 mini with metal body design, metal accounted for up to 97%, but the Nubian Z17 mini and Nubian M2’s front side both are the popular 2.5D curved glass.

Nubian Z17mini standard version equips with snapdragon 652 processor, 4GB running memory and 64GB storage space, high-end version  with a Qualcomm snapdragon 653 processor, 6GB memory and 128GB storage space. While the Nubian M2 dual versions are Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB memory and 64 / 128GB storage space.

The relationship among these three processors should be: Snapdragon 653> Snapdragon 652> Snapdragon 625.

System, the Nubian Z17 mini and M2 both running new nubia UI 4.0 system, Fit 2.0 interactive upgrade, application avatar, split screen, super screenshots, as well as floating calls, sweep, sweep Key switch and other functions, it easy to use.

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