OnePlus 2 Unboxing Show- 4GB Ram Dual Sim Phone Comes Out

OnePlus 2 Unboxing Show

OnePlus has been published new product lauch yesterday, OnePlus 2 published officially. this time onePlus 2 add Fingerprint identification model, 4GB Ram; at the same time, system carries own OS. OnePlus 2 Unboxing Show will give you the answer.

OnePlus 21

OnePlus 2 focus the design on the back of frame, it provides Sandstone black, bamboo qualitative, black apricot, sour branch, kay fulla five material to choose.
OnePlus 22

Three back shells compare.

OnePlus 2 Unboxing Show 3
Black apricot back cover design compare to the sandstone kay fulla both traditional style look very young.

OnePlus 2 4

And acid back cover in bamboo qualitative branches, on the basis of increased the dark stripes.

OnePlus 2 5

In addition, oneplus 2 back cover is removable, it supports dual Sim.

OnePlus 2 7
More interesting is that oneplus 2 uses different material of the back cover, respectively, to join the exclusive custom theme.

OnePlus 2 Unboxing Show 7

Camera configuration, OnePlus 2 uses 5.0MP font camera and 13.0MP back camera.

It does mean that when Android Pay does finally launch you won’t be able to use it on your OnePlus 2.

OnePlus 2 Unboxing Show 8

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And this new phone will sell next day, you can choose OnePlus one, it is high in performance but low in price, which is very deserved to choose, I hope you will like it and have a good time with this phone.

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