Oneplus Three Configurations Leaked With Snapdargon 820

Oneplus Three Configurations Leaked

Snapdargon 820 will soon be published, this time, the first phone takes this processor will soon be published. Now, a new leaked on the website, Oneplus three will take this processor.
OnePlus Three 1
About the frist phone takes Snapdargon 820, Xiaomi Mi5 may use this processor. However, this phone is not sured to take this processor, Oneplus three will take Snapdargon 820.

From the coming speed of Snapdargon 820, if this new is true, Oneplus three launches time maybe published on April. It is really an amazing new, which can take good feelings to users.
OnePlus Three 2
There are a little news on the website about Oneplus three, it gives many space to designers. Otherwise, foreign designers design the concept map of Oneplus three.

About the design, we can find Oneplus style from it, it continues two generations of suspended screen design, and it increases Touch ID in the side of this phone. The whole phone stereo sense is very strong.
OnePlus Three 4
Of course, it is concept map, it may not be the finally design of Oneplus three, don’t worry about it. If you want to buy this phone, I also recommend a good online store: here. This website is very good.

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