Oneplus two-A big surprise?

oneplus two

Oneplus Two will be released in August or September.

During last year ,there is one item reported by famous magazine-Times,it’s the oneplus one.It’s not only the first chinese cellphone that tested by this magazine ,but also they made a new cellphone era.After almost one year ,finally some news about the oneplus two is coming out.

oneplus twoFollowing the exposured information ,the oneplus two will use the same hardware features like other famous brand’s flagship item,such like the touch ID,the 2K display ,the Snapdragon 810 processor ,4GB RAM,fast charging etc.And the price will not be $325,it will be higher around $435.Comparing with other brand’s flagship cellphone ,this price is not so low ,but also not so expensive,it can be accepted .What we most care about is the design ,because of the oneplus one is famous for this.

After we contacted with the oneplus manufacturer’s supervisor ,he confirmed that this item will have an similrar design like the oneplus one,but about the button and material for the phone  will be changed ,and also about the touch ID will be made like samsung ,iPhone 6 or huawei mate 7 ,this guy not talk too much ,so we need to wait for this phone released ,then we can confirm it .

Besides,they will release a basic version  for the oneplus two ,so if you just like their design and would not like to spend too much money for such powerful item,you still can have a consider .

Let’s have a look in Autumn.We really hope that they can offer us a new surprise.

Right now is the time for  the oneplus one JBL version do final clearance sale ,you can not miss it:Oneplus one JBL

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