Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera New Saying: 20.0MP, Supports RAW

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera

About Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera, the news are different. Some news say the camera may improve into 20/0MP, some news say Samsung will use Sony IMX 300 sensor, it will decrease 12.0MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera 1
Now, a new leak in the website, the camera of Samsung Galaxy S7 will be sure to use 20.0MP, and it supports RAW image format.

Otherwise, Samsung will also provide a Pro Mode professional mode, it contains many advanced options, and a new video record mode.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera 2

Many details lack, but from these details we can see, 20.0MP camera is basicly sured. Consider the 16.0MP camera of Samsung Galaxy S6, it is expected, iPhone 6S maybe worse.

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