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Samsung S6 Edge: Double Surface Side Screen
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January 20 news, the Samsung Galaxy S6 new flagship released many news recently. Reported that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released on MWC2015 in March, the phone will have a version with the surface side screen, supposed to be named as Galaxy S6 Edge.

The surface side screen Note edge is already released.
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Foreign media SamMobile update the news that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 surface side screen version will owns double surface side screen, which is the model SM – G925, but its name is still uncertain so we can’t sure if it is Galaxy S6 Edge or not. According to SamMobile the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can activate surface side screen on either side of the screen, you can operate it with both of your hands. This phone will also added a called Glance Lighting new feature: when there is a call or notification, the surface side screen will be lighted (perhaps can light up two at the same time). In addition, users can also set a special color for their common contact, so the user can determine who is calling through the color of the surface side screen.

It is unclear whether Samsung would launch the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge at the same time, but the possibility is very high.
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