SCiO- Teach You A Recruit, 100% Buy Sweet Watermelons

SCiO 2

SCiO- Teach you a recruit, 100% buy sweet watermelons

Summer comes, only eat watermelon is serious business, every time before picking watermelon, so small make up is particularly seriously on watermelon, but…

SCiO 1

Now, from Israel’s Consumer Physics company launched an SCiO scanners, sweep out as long as, you can buy a big watermelon is sweet and delicious.

SCiO 2

SCiO is a miniature near-infrared spectrometer, as long as the sweep out items, you can know its composition. SCiO small size, and shape usb flash drive looks like, there is a light objects in the fuselage near infrared light source and a reflex the light receiving optical sensor is the spectrometer. Spectrometer is a complicated composition of light is decomposed into spectral lines of scientific instruments. SCiO can analyze the material composition is used the near infrared spectral analysis technology. The technology is based on the analysis of molecular vibrations reflected light to determine the chemical composition of materials.

SCiO 3

SCiO use rise very convenient also, open the App, select item category, to analysis aim the SCiO items, wait for a few seconds.

SCiO 4

If some special equipment is not Ecoisme automatic identification, the user can also manually add. Ecoisme to do great things, after more access to home appliance, he would become a monitoring platform, anyhow is very practical.

SCiO 5

SCiO 6

With the SCiO, we can understand the nutrition of food, such as dairy products, fruits, vegetables, drinks, meat, salad dressing and amounts of fat, protein, carbohydrates and other heat; Know raw or cooked, fruit is not fresh fresh, sweet not sweet.

SCiO 7

In the last, I also recommend an new and valued Android phone- HDC Note 4 Plus to you. Now I can tell you the site of this smart phone, if you wannt to know more informations or buy it. The site is Fastcardtech, here I recommend it to tou because they offer the cheap and valued phones, the site is found in 2003, already 11 years old.

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