Smartisan T2 Unboxing- It Is So Beautiful!

Smartisan T2 Unboxing- It Is Beautiful!

Yesterday, Smartisan has published Smartisan T2 in Beijing, the 16GB version costs $420, 32GB version costs $435. Today, I will take Smartisan T2 unboxing to you, let’s see some details.
Smartisan T2 Unboxing 1

The appearance of Smartisan T2 is similr to Smartisan T1, but this time, Smartisan T2 uses 2.5D glass double sides, full metal middle border and hidden SIM card slot, it makes this phone more beautiful.
Smartisan T2 Unboxing 2

About configurations, Smartisan T2 uses 4.95 inch JDI full HD 1080p screen, with Snapdargon 808 processor, 3GB Ram, battery is 2500mAh. About camera, Smartisan T2 takes 13.0MP rear camera and 5.0MP front camera.
Smartisan T2 Unboxing 3

Smartisan T2 Unboxing 4
About network, Smartisan T2 all versions support full network, it is suprise! If you want to buy this phone, I also recommend a good online store: here. It will sell this phone soon.

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