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Cubot S200- Dual Simcard HD Screen 1GB Ram KitKat

Cubot S200-MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHZ 1GB Ram 5.0inch HD IPS Android 4.4 Phone White

Cubot S200 Cubot S200 owns a 5.0-inch HD IPS screen with 1280*720 pixel display, which owns a good screen experience. And Cubot S200 equipped with an MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB storage. If you don’t need a very high configuration phone, and don’t have enough budget, then this phone can be a good choice. Cubot S200 ...

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MPIE G7- A Phone with Wide Range Shot, U like it?

MPIE G7- 4G LTE MTK6582 Quad Core 2GB Ram 5.0Inch QHD IPS Screen Android 4.4 Phone

MPIE G7  Features and Specifications MPIE G7 is a phone with wide angle shot, that means you can shot a more wider range with the phone, the pic below can tell you what the difference clearly. Except for the Camera, MPIE G7 has many other advantages, such as it supports 4G Lte, which is the trend of the near future. ...

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KingSing S2- Smart Wake Up&Turn Off, Dual Simcard

KingSing S2- MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 1GB Ram 5.0inch QHD IPS Android 4.4.2 Phone

KingSing S2  Features and Specifications KingSing S2 is a cool phone. As you can see from the picture, KingSing S2 adopts free design side button, no matter which hand you prefer to use, KingSing S2 is perfect. You can wake up or turn off the screen with double tab. KingSing S2 also supports the heart rate function. And you can ...

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Otium Z4- Dual Simcard 1GB Ram 8GB Rom HD Screen

Otium Z4-4G LTE MTK6582 + MTK6290 Quad Core 1.3GHZ 1GB Ram 5.0inch HD IPS Android 4.4 Phone Black

Otium Z4  Features and Specifications Otium posted the images about the Otium Z4 on the facebook before, which successfully grabed our attention. And before the Otium Z4 is finally coming out. As the rumour, Otium Z4 supports 4G Lte, and it adopts MTK6582 + MTK6290 Quad core 1.3GHz processor. Otium Z4 didn’t let the fans down, if you wanna check ...

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Pmzphone W1- 5.5inch Big HD Screen Dual Simcard

Pmzphone W1-MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHZ 1GB Ram 5.5inch HD IPS Android 4.4 Phone White

Pmzphone W1 Pmzphone W1 owns a 5.5inch big screen, and what’s more, the resolution of the display reaches HD 720P. Think about it, using a 5.5inch HD screen cellphone to see a movie or play games, that is really awsome, don’t you think so? Pmzphone W1 also support dual simcard, it has two simcard slot, hope you guys will like ...

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GDIPPO V12-1GB Ram 10.1inch Screen Android 4.4.2 OS Tablet White

GDIPPO V12- ATM7029 Quad Core 1.5GHz 1GB Ram 10.1inch WSVGA IPS Screen Android 4.4.2 OS Tablet White

GDIPPO V12 Good appearance and a standard configuration, and affordable prices, enough to meet all your requirements of the tablet. Watching movies, playing games, playing social software, everything you need to do with a tablet can be fit by this stuff. And the screen is big enough to better the user experience. Here go a couple of other pictures of ...

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BIRD L10 Review- The Best iPhone 6 Clone Phone

BIRD L10 Review- The Best iPhone 6 Clone Phone BIRD L10 Review tells a best iPhone 6 clone phone. these two phones are very similar, and Bird is cheaper. from this introduction, you can get the detail performance about this smartphone. BIRD L10 Review- Two Versions Bird L10 2 Versions Version Bird L10 Pro Bird L10 EX Processor MTK6582 Quad ...

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