The Brakepack- Science And Technology For The Messenger Bag

The Brakepack 4

The Brakepack- Science And Technology For The Messenger Bag

Seattle Artefact team designed is called “The Brakepack” safety instructions after The backpack, can be said to be “back in The body of light”.

The Brakepack 1

Enclosure made of nylon material under the concise appearance not only take exercise, can also provide a high degree of security function, fashion and practical value to meet at the same time. The bags on the two light using RGB LED lamp lighting, can also be removed to facilitate cleaning bag; the lamp Designers through a bluetooth connection to the special design of mobile phone app, help cyclists in the city can clearly convey driving intention, left and right turn lights, brake lights and hazard warning flash all full, improve the visibility of ride, at the same time warning.

The Brakepack 2

I want to, you will feel some question is: how can ride control app? Don’t worry, set on the backpack backpack capacitive touch device automatically after induction action and change the lights from the backpack, let cyclists can focus on my riding without distraction. With a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer turn – by – turn navigation system, also has the automatic planning routes, calculating the distance and speed display function, as urban cyclists multi-function partner.

The Brakepack 3

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