VIVO X9 Specs : Front 20 million soft light double camera

VIVO X9 Specs : Front 20 million soft light double cameras

VIVO X9 Specs

VIVO x9 is an new machine of VIVO in 2016, with the dual 20.0MP front cameras’ s vivo attract lots of people’ s eyes. So how about the parameter configuration of it? How about the practical performance? Is it worth buying?

In June 2016, vivo launched the main dual-camera machines – vivo X9 and X9Plus, which is also the industry’s first dual-camera phone.

VIVO X9 Specs

vivo X9 equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor, memory for the 4GB +64 GB combination, the screen enlarge to 5.5 inches, with 1080P resolution. Battery capacity is 3050mAh, built a AK4376Hi-Fi chip, support dual card dual standby and whole network.

Using COS narrow bezel technology, with the fifth generation of Corning gorilla glass, all of those upgrade the screen durability. Takes 8.0MP + 20 MP front camera.

In the frame using a CNC metal cutting process, while ensuring the beauty of the fuselage to improve the texture instantly. The right side of the fuselage is the volume keys and power button.

VIVO X9 Specs

Vivo X9 on the back use three-stage design, different from the market common design, X9 antenna with a new dome-type U-type design, making the back perception stronger, harmonious and beautiful.

The top of back with 16 million rear camera and flash, the camera can quickly identify a variety of scenes, and automatically switch.

From the appearance, although the size increase, the grip and texture did not pull down. Persist in X7 classic design at the same time, dome antenna design of X9 beauty enhance a big step forward to appearance. Front of 8 million +20 million camera combination, we believe that self-timer operation is very great.

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