Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi New Phone Real Photos Comes Out

Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi New Phone

Xiaomi is very famous in china, which is very cheap and good phones. Recently, Some Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi new phone real photos have been leaked in website, let’s see some details.
Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi 1
From photos we can see, this new phone uses ultra thin border, the width of this phone is almost 0, looks unreally. At the top of symmetrical receiver, cameras and sensors, the setting feels like an emoticon.

In the middle of the bottom is a real Home button, it supports fingerprint identification, will it be used qualcomm ultrasonic creatures? At the same time, in the left and right side has other two buttons, They may use as menu, return.

Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi 2
Let’s have a look at back, we can see the side-by-side dual camera. It is said that Samsung next flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 is sill studying it.

Any other news announced, Xiaomi next flagship will named as “Xiaomi Edge”, it will owns hyperboloid screen likes Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but this time we can’t see. Will it be the “Xiaomi 5″?

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