Xiaomi 5s And Note 2 Leak: Firstly Take Snapdragon 821

Xiaomi 5s And Note 2 Leak: Firstly Take Snapdragon 821

Not long before, Xiaomi CEO has announced: There will be two high performance, high-end phone. From now situation we can see, these two phones are Xiaomi 5s and Xiaomi Note 2. Let’s see some details.

Xiaomi 5s 1

There are many news about these two phones, but it is not userd. About Oppo find 9 configurations, Xiaomi news have leaked.

Xiaomi 5s release date will be earlier than Xiaomi Note 2, from the name we can see, Xiaomi 5s is the updated version of Xiaomi 5, main configurations have been improved, this phone maybe add touch screen pressure control, front touch ID, but appearance and size are similar to Xiaomi Mi5.

Xiaomi 5s 2

Xiaomi Note 2 will firstly increase curved screen, this phone may take three versions. Xiaomi Note 3 low version uses single camera + HiFi + quick charge functions. High-end version will also take special design, the curved screen will be used in high-end version.

Xiaomi 5s 12

The new Xiaomi Mi5 is very hot in the world. Will these phones have a good progress? Now, Xiaomi Mi5 is 26% off in Fastcardtech, with good configurations, this phone is deserved to buy. Don’t miss this phone!

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