Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4: Two Wonderful Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4

Recently, Xiaomi published the Xiaomi Mi4i, when you heard this one, you can remember another Xiaomi product- Xiaomi Mi4. They are similar, but there are some difference between them. Today, i can introduce the Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4 to you; and i will give you a platform to buy these phones.

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4 1

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4- Specs

Models Xiaomi Mi4i Xiaomi Mi4
Images Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4 2 Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4 4
Display 5.0-inch FHD IPS screen with 1920*1080 pixel 16 million colors Multi-touch screen 5.0-inch FHD OGS LTPS screen with 1920*1080 pixel16 million colors Multi-touch screen
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa Core 1.7GHz processor Snapdragon MSM8974AC Quad Core 2.5Ghz processor
OS Android 5.0 Lollipop OS MIUI V5 OS(based on Android 4.4 KitKat)
Camera 5.0MP front cmaera + 13.0MP back camera 13.0MP rear camera + 8.0MP front camera, digital zoom
Size 138.1 x 69.6 x 7.8/150g 139.2×68.5×8.9/149g
RAM 2GB 16GB ROM(Not Support SD Card)
Storage 32GB ROMNo supports SD Memory Card (TF-Card) 16GB, Supports up to 32GB
Battery Built-in Li-on battery(3120mAh) Built-in Li-on battery(3080mAh)
Network 4G LTE 4G LTE
Add-ons Dual SIM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Dual SIM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Price US$ 287.00
US$ 259.99

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4- Specs Summary:

1: Display: Both the smartphones offer a 5-inch Full HD screen. Armed with sunlight display, both are equally good.

2: Design: The choice is in between metal and plastic. The Mi 4 has an attractive metal frame, however, the Mi 4i is more compact.

3: Performance: On paper, the Mi 4i has more cores to boast. However, the performance of both the smartphones are good.

4: Camera: While the image quality of both is equivalent, the Mi 4i offers a better deal with dual tone LED Flash.

5: Storage: Both Mi 4 and Mi 4i offer around 12GB of internal storage space and doesn’t come with microSD card slot.

6: Connectivity: The Mi 4i supports 4G in both the SIM card slots while the Mi 4 is single SIM 3G smartphone. So, if you are looking to upgrade to 4G soon, then opt for the cheaper Mi 4i.

7: Battery:In terms of battery life, the newly-launched Xaiomi Mi 4i has a larger battery than the Mi 4 handset. Where the Xiaomi Mi 4 is fuelled with a 3080mAh battery, the Xiaomi Mi 4i is powered by a 3120 mAh battery.

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4- Photos Show:

Xiaomi Mi4i Price, Xiaomi Mi4i  4

Xiaomi Mi4i Price, Xiaomi Mi4i  3

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4 4

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4 5

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4- Conclusion

Which one is better? What is the difference between Xiaomi Mi4i and Xiaomi Mi4? This article has give you answer. But which one is more suitable yourself? that depends on your interest and hobby.

Xiaomi Mi4i VS Xiaomi Mi4- Buy

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