Xiaomi Mi5 Leak With Two Versions And Metal Frame

Xiaomi Mi5 Leak With Two Versions And Metal Frame

Nowadays, we have found Xiaomi three models: 2015201、2015628 and 2015911, according to the old news, they all take full network design. Xiaomi Mi5 leak with two versions, really?
Xiaomi Mi5 Leak 1

From 3C authentication center we can see, 2015201 and 2015628 two products both take MDY-08-EH charge, they both support 5VDC/2.5A、9VDC/2A、12VDC/1.5A three models, the biggest charge power up to 18W. Otherwise, these charges all support Snapdargon QC3.0.

Support QC3.0 means two phones both take Snapdargon 820 processor, at the same time, they are both full network. So, Xiaomi may prepare dual flagships, one is Xiaomi Mi5, another is Xiaomi Note 2.

Xiaomi Mi5 Leak 2
However, there are new sayings about two phones, they are not Xiaomi Note 2, they are all Xiaomi Mi5 series.

According to the old news, Xiaomi Mi5 will take 1080p and 2k two versions, the frame also takes 2.5D glass and full metal two structures, as for frame storage, there are 32GB/64GB/128GB three versions, Ram is not clear.

Xiaomi Mi5 is not one new phone, it is a new phone family. Xiaomi Mi 5 may have low version and high version to choose. Low version may take 2.5D glass and 1080p screen, and high version will take metal frame and 2K display.

About Xiaomi Mi5 price, will it cost US$340? If you want to buy this phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech.com here. It provides cheap and valued Xiaomi phones.

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