Xiaomi Mi5 Image Leaked! Is It Really New Xiaomi Phone?

Xiaomi Mi5 Image Leaked!

Recently, there are many news talking about Xiaomi M5, Xiaomi has watting for one year. Of course, the Xiaomi Mi5 facus by many people, and the fist phone take Snapdagon 820, it is hoped by many people.

Xiaomi Mi5 1

Today, CEO of machine evaluation of network leaked the newest images on the website, and this photo is the real appearance of Xiaomi Mi5.

From photos we can see, this Xiaomi Mi5 uses the ultra thin border design, and it owns big curved design, it doesn’t loOk like Samsung Galaxy Edge, it is not really side screen. And the bottem and top is very thin, the whole screen ratio is very high.

Xiaomi Mi5 2

Otherwise, the special thing is Home button, corner uses curved design, it looks like Meizu button, and the function of this button is Touch ID. This photo Conforms the old new.

Of course, a Xiaomi Mi5 front border image also leaked, from image we can see, the shape of Xiaomi Mi5 looks like image. If this new is true, let’s look forward. If you want to learn more details about this phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech.com here. This website is very good.

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