Xiaomi Mi5s Unboxing: So Beautiful Xiaomi Phone!

Xiaomi Mi5s Unboxing: So Beautiful Xiaomi Phone!

In previous years, in September in addition to send cool autumn wind, but also the major mobile phone manufacturers have launched flagship models of the month. September 27, 2016 Xiaomi officially released its own in Beijing in the autumn of two flagship new – Xiaomi mi5S and Xiaomi mi5S Plus. Let’s see Xiaomi mi5s unboxing.

Let people surprise is that in recent years, packaging and design style changes of Xiaomi mi5S and Xiaomi mi5S Plus box, new design will become simple than the previous product packaging box, with Apple’s style is somewhat similar, but some of the more simple than apple, only the front of a Logo, the side of the box write the name of the corresponding mobile phone, Xiaomi mi5S is a little small than Xiaomi mi5S Plus.

At a glance, the above is Xiaomi mi5S and Xiaomi mi5S Plus, two are drawing dark gray color, so the front panel are black. From the photos can be seen, this time the selection of the Xiaomi mi5s series screen panel is very dark, so in the interest screen state of visual effects is also good, there will be no cheap sense of color.xiaomi-mi5s-unboxing-3

The world’s first use of Xiaomi mi5S non hole type ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, which can avoid the need to open the glass panel hole and front panel button capacitance fingerprint color, put an end to the two big problem is easy to wear and damage. Although there is no sense of pressure, each time the finger is placed in the non hole type ultrasonic fingerprint identification area when the body will have a slight vibration and the fuselage to unlock the sound effect.xiaomi-mi5s-unboxing-4

Xiaomi mi5S Plus is using SONY dual 13 million pixel camera, which means that tXiaomi mi5S Plus has a color and black and white two versions, respectively, record the color and light and shade information. And each camera is equipped with independent image processor, not only will the two camera be made one to improve the image quality, but also for each photo is optimized, such as adjusting the exposure, contrast and saturation.

Xiaomi mi5S equipped with a 3200mAh battery, and Xiaomi mi5S Plus equipped with a 3800mAh battery, two models have adopted the USB Type-C port, and supports a new generation of fast charge 3 technology. Xiaomi mi5s unboxing

Xiaomi mi5s and Xiaomi mi5s Plus are equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, clocked at up to 2.35GHz, running memory, Xiaomi mi5s respectively 3GB and 4GB two versions, and Xiaomi mi5s Plus owns 4GB and 6GB two different running memory versions are available.

At the same time, Xiaomi mi5s Plus and Xiaomi mi5s are all built-in full-featured NFC, but the realization of public transportation card payment operation.


Xiaomi mi5s is equipped with 5S IMX378 is by far the largest SONY mobile phone sensor, which is said to be 1/2.3 inch bigger than iPhone 6S Plus ratio 59%, 1.55 m super pixel size, single pixel light into 61% larger than the iPhone 6S Plus.

Xiaomi mi5s Plus takes SONY 13 million pixel sensor dual camera, when the open double photo mode, two cameras can work at the same time have more details and less noisy photos.

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